We value and respect our employees – without them we could not run our operation. We prioritise fair remuneration, a safe and inclusive workplace and take Employment Benefits and Labor Rights very seriously. The Philippines has a highly educated workforce with a passion for learning, and we continually invest in providing skills and technical training.

The Didipio operation employs approximately 1,589 people. 98% of employees are Filipino, 55% are Nueva Vizcaya and Quirino residents, and 30% reside in the Didipio community. Only 2% of employees are expatriates. 18% of employees are female and we are working toward a target of 20%. This includes women in support services, but also women in underground mining, technical and engineering roles, including management roles.

Didipio provides benefits beyond those mandated by law. These include competitive renumeration, three meals a day, group life and medical insurance, camp accommodation where applicable, free transportation, complete personal protective equipment, continuous skills training and a family-friendly roster schedule.

Since 2007, we have supported 142 graduates from tertiary education, all of them residents of Quirino and Nueva Vizcaya. We are currently supporting 230 scholars enrolled in higher education.

In 2015 – in partnership with training provider, Site Skills – OceanaGold invested US$1.4 million in a site skills facility in Clark, Pampanga, to provide internationally-recognised underground mining training to residents of our host and adjacent communities. Graduates receive an International Certificate II in Underground Metalliferous Mining Work Readiness Course. To date, 94 students have graduated from the course and have taken on roles with the Didipio operation.

All our employees have the right to self-organization, collective representation, and are free to join a union. In 2013, employees organized a labour union called the Pun-oh-ohhaan Hi Kiphodan. The Union and the Company have successfully negotiated and signed two successive collective bargaining agreements and both parties continue to collaborate in dealing with workers’ concerns.

Additional data about our employees is available in the 2018 Sustainability Report.

Local Supplier Development: Dicorp

In 2011, OceanaGold provided seed funding to host community residents to establish the Didipio Community Development Corporation (Dicorp). Dicorp is a community owned enterprise with long-term Didipio residents as shareholders, and a total gross revenue of $US24 million.

Dicorp has progressively grown over the years, becoming one of the largest businesses in Nueva Vizcaya and Quirino.  Dicorp provides several services to OceanaGold, including camp administration and catering, transport and trucking, sales and distribution, engineering and projects, wholesale and retailing, waste management and infrastructure development.

Dicorp currently has 292 local employees and 428 Didipio shareholders. Our continued partnership is focused on Dicorp’s capability development, to support their sustainability, even after the life of mine.