Since commencing commercial operations in 2013, the Didipio Mine has spent approximately PHP 39.5 billion (US$790 million). That includes development expenditure for our host and neighbouring communities, community investment projects, payments to national or local suppliers and contractors, government taxes and employee wages.

Of this expenditure, 96 per cent (PHP 38.3 billion) was paid to employees, government and businesses through salaries, taxes and procurement while PHP 1.2 billion was spent for community development.

The Didipio Mine prioritises local suppliers, contractors and employment, with a workforce comprising 98 per cent Filipinos.

The breakdown of our overall 2013–2018 economic and community contribution in the Philippines includes:

  • Paid PHP 6.9 billion in taxes to national and local governments between 2013 and 2018. The flow-on effect of these taxes reaches millions of Filipinos through infrastructure, education, and government-led projects and services
  • 98% of employees are Filipinos, with 58 per cent from the host provinces of Nueva Vizcaya and Quirino
  • 4,000+ additional livelihood opportunities through partnerships with co-operatives and social development organizations
  • Paid PHP 2.5 billion on employee wages
  • Data from the University of the Philippines Los Banos 2015 socio-economic impact survey in Didipio demonstrated the average monthly household income in Didipio was PHP 19,380, compared to the national average of PHP 17,166
  • Spent PHP 6.8 million on employee, community, and pre-employment training
  • Invested PHP 1.2 billion in social projects. Of this expenditure, approximately PHP 595 million was spent on Social Development Management Program (SDMP) projects—including information, education and communication, and developing mining technology and geosciences – and approximately PHP 615 million for other corporate social responsibility projects
  • Our most successful enterprise development initiative has been the establishment of a community-owned corporation, DiCorp, which has generated PHP 1.5 billion gross revenue for the local community from long-term contracts with the Didipio Mine, and is now providing services external to our operation
  • We support local agriculture. This includes funds to 13 cooperatives, micro and small enterprises
  • We partnered with the Department of Agriculture to support Kasibu coffee farmers. In addition, we engaged 34 local farmers to promote organic farming and another 92 local farmers to improve market opportunities for coffee production
  • Establishment of an underground training facility at Clark, Pampanga in partnership with Site Skills
  • Provided 291 on the job training placements at the Didipio Mine and trained and employed an additional 104 people from Didipio and adjacent communities at our underground mining operation
  • Our social development programs benefit Didipio, 10 neighbouring barangays and 2 host municipalities
  • Development of vital community infrastructure including the Didipio Water System Project. On completion the system will have the capacity to provide water for up to 11,000 individuals or about 2,400 households
  • Partnered with schools and universities to provide 246 local scholarships.