Our automation, digital and process transformation (ADaPT) program defines our journey to operate the mines of the future.

ADaPT incorporates three areas of focus:

  1. Analytics – turning our data into information to improve decision-making.
  2. Automation – digital control of equipment and processes.
  3. Digital – hardware and software that generates, stores, processes and transmits data.

Our ADaPT program improves the way we plan, operate, assess, mitigate and evolve by improving operational and resource efficiency, data analysis, decision-making, safety and sustainability outcomes.

The mining industry is changing and we’re entering a period of significant change as people challenge the way things are done to deliver value with fewer operational impacts. As a responsible miner it’s a change we are adapting into our business.

We’re testing and learning from the technology and systems we’re introducing to develop the right solutions for our business and integrate them into our plans for future mines.