Health & Safety

OceanaGold places enormous importance on the health and safety of its employees, contractors and the communities in which it operates. Looking after their wellbeing forms part of the company’s licence to operate and is the foundation on which its business success is built.

Improving OceanaGold’s health and safety performance is an ongoing priority and the company strives to create a mindset in which its workforce believes that an incident and injury free workplace is an achievable goal in today’s mining industry. Training and education are the key to development of this mindset and to highlighting the principle that all incidents and injuries are preventable.

OceanaGold’s objective is to increase the level of health and safety awareness and in so doing, make its goals in this area a reality.

Health & Safety Management

OceanaGold’s health and safety management principles dictate that a combined effort is necessary requiring not only a commitment from management, but a similar dedication from its employees and contractors. To achieve this, OceanaGold’s annual improvement targets are set out to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time framed, or ‘SMART’. The company has developed specific KPIs that refer back to the SMART targets and help track its health and safety performance over time. These include:

• Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR)

• Injury Type

• Workers Compensation Claims

Tracking this data year on year assists OceanaGold to effectively analyse its performance and identify opportunities for further improvement, training and development. The company has used the 2008 data protocols and its health and safety systems to help track and report this information.

Health & Safety Training

OceanaGold conducts regular Health and Safety training sessions at its New Zealand and Philippines sites. Training progress is monitored with regular onsite mock exercises and emergency scenarios.  To support the expansion of our operations, including underground mining, Oceanagold has in place a comprehensive program for training mine rescue and first response teams.

Some recent training initiatives include training for Responders which involved work and rescue at heights, vertical and rope rescue, pre hospital care training, advanced first aid, BG4 and CABBA breathing apparatus use, confined space and rescue in toxic atmospheres, underground rescue training and first aid.

Contribution to Health and Safety in the Community

The company’s first response teams are not only on call to assist at incidents on site, but also routinely provide aid to off-site incidents that occur from time to time within the communities surrounding the Company’s operations in New Zealand.

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