In order to enhance and protect shareholder value and maintain stakeholder confidence in the integrity of the company.  OceanaGold Corporation will adhere to high standards of governance across all levels of the business.

Specifically, the Company will:

  •  Implement a governance structure which is appropriate for the size of the Company and nature of its operations.
  • Communicate corporate governance standards and expectations to all employees, contractors and business partners.
  • Identify, asses and manage all risks to the business including Business, Safety, Environment and Social Risks.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest and maintain confidentiality.
  • Implement reporting mechanisms to ensure that it operates in a fair, transparent and open manner that reflects the Company's Vision and Values.
  • Establish standards beyond the minimum standards of the relevant corporate, Health, Safety & Environment laws.
  • Measure, review and report on the overall business performance including Financial, Safety, Environmental and Social performance.

To achieve the above objectives, OceanaGold has established the following framework of codes, policies and systems by which Authority is exercised and business is carried out in the Company:

1.  Articles and Charters

2.  Codes of Conduct
3.  Corporate Governance Policies