Earth Day 2016

El Salvador Earth Day 2016

Minerales Torogoz Plays a Leadership Role in El Salvador on Earth Day 2016

On April 22, 2016, members of the Minerales Torogoz (subsidiary of OceanaGold) hosted a celebration at the El Dorado site office. Over 600 guests including local political leaders, religious leaders and members of the surrounding communities from Cabanas attended the event.

As a Company that has an unwavering commitment to the environment and its communities, we took the opportunity to create a day of enjoyment and learning on important topics pertaining to our planet.  It was also an opportunity to demonstrate the many environmental and education initiatives we have on the ground in El Salvador.

The more than 200 students at the Foundation El Dorado showcased recycling of toys and solid waste collecting robots. They created an exposition on ocean and plant life which was explained in Spanish and in English, a language they have recently learned through the Foundation.

The day was also filled with local performances that included dancing both local and popular such as breakdancing. It also featured a children’s play entitled the Travelling Droplet which focused on water.

The focus of these festivities were on celebrating and embracing creativity, friendship, teamwork, innovation, respect, etc. It provided an opportunity for attendees to learn, interact, discuss important topics related to the environment and most importantly, have fun.

The celebration showcased the following:

  1. Recycling products produced by eight ecological committees from different school centers in San Isidro
  2. Nursery garden
  3. Vegetable garden
  4. Tilapia farm
  5. Geological station that included interesting information and games on natural sciences and rocks

It was a wonderful day where we could enjoy in a peaceful, colorful and warmth, human and ecological environment.

Ericka Colindres
Sustainability Manager
Minerales Torogoz